Tea Tree Calming Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask

Tea Tree Calming Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask

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A sheet mask drenched with one full bottle of enriched ampoule. Feel intense hydration from highly concentrated ampoule, containing Tea Tree leaves extract and Centella extract that work together to control excessive oil on skin and calm down irritated skin. Calendula extract softens skin, Mugwort extract purifies and Natural Protector has antibacterial properties. Natural Protector is a mixed extract of herbal medicine that has acne and bacterial fightening properities. The mask is made from 100% eco-friendly cellulose fabric made from wool pulp. It has super-tight adherence to face to effectively deliver active ingredients.

How to use:

After cleansing and toning, apply mask to face and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Gently pat skin to let the remaining essence absorb into skin.

Active Ingredients:

Tea Tree Leaves Extract, Calendula Extract, Centella Extract, Mugwort Extract, Natural Protector

Size: 25g/1 sheet