Galactomyces Serum
Galactomyces Serum

Galactomyces Serum

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A serum containing 75% Galactomyces, 30,000ppm pure Vitamin C and 10 other vitamins to brighten skin tone and anti-wrinkle effects. Galactomyces give brighter, radiant and smoother skin, while Vitamin C helps reduce pigmentation, blotches and freckles and revitalises skin. This serum has dual functionality through niacinamide that brightens skin and adenosine provides anti-wrinkle effects. The formula is irritation-free making it suitable for all skin types.

How to use:

Drop serum on the skin and spread with fingertips along skin texture.
Tip: Apply Vitamin Serum 3 times if you want to create layers of moisture and vitality coating on the skin.


Size: 30ml