Pimple Patches


    Experience a pesky, bothersome pimple at the wrong time? Introduce your skincare routine to pimple patches, which can be one of the steps to manage your acne! Pimple patches made with hydrocolloid materials are designed to help reduce inflammation and speed up healing overnight with active ingredients like tea tree oil that jumpstart your skin's healing process. The convenient packaging means you can leave them on until you wake up in the morning and discard them when complete. Kiko & Beauty puts convenience first – so you wake up to healthier, clearer skin!

    The Acne Pimple Master Patch from COSRX is a must-have, easy-to-remove spot patch that protects the wounded area by absorbing the exudate. It manages the environment to prevent secondary infection while healing the scarred area and encouraging faster wound recovery.

    Looking to try more pimple patches? Consider the Spot Patch from VT to provide quick relief for wounds caused by scars or acne.