A-Clear AID Soothing Spot Patch
A-Clear AID Soothing Spot Patch

A-Clear AID Soothing Spot Patch

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Hydrocolloid patches help to absorb pus, secretions and other impurities while protecting the spots from water, dust, bacteria to help speed up recovery. The patches also create a moist environment to prevent scabbing and scarring. 

The patches are easily peeled without creasing and wrinkles thanks to its central cut-line of the film. As each adhesive patch is positioned at the center of the cutting line, you can easily peel off the patches, preventing secondary infections caused by germs/bacteria from hands.

The slim patches have thin edges that can stay on bumpy surface with better adhesion. The patches are translucent, minimizing visibility for a natural look!

How to use:

Cleanse and dry the skin thoroughly. Remove a patch from film. Apply it onto targeted area. Gently press the edges of the patch with fingers for 2-3 seconds.

Size: 24 patches (12mm x 12ea, 10mm x 12ea)